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Your skin is your window to your inner health!

Skin is a sign of internal health, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle

Skin health is more than skin deep and almost all dermatological issues from accelerated ageing to autoimmunity have their roots in the internal biochemistry of the body. On the other hand, a radiant countenance and a glowing complexion are not only signs of attraction and beauty but are also a deeper reflection of overall health and well-being. The skin is thus an opportunity for us to assess, diagnose and correct internal biochemical breakdown and ideally take corrective measures for beautification and overall wellness and longevity.

This means topical health conditions heretofore regarded as cosmetic and superficial can be decoded as messages, and if we “speak skin” we can use the condition of our largest organ to “read” the inside workings of the body.

Symptom: Puffiness around the eyes
Could Be: Poor blood circulation, lymphatic congestion, and immune (allergic) reactions

Symptom: Dark or brown, velvety patches of skin on the back of neck or armpits
Could Be: Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Symptom: Very deep and numerous wrinkles
Could Be: Connective tissue deterioration (may be associated with osteoporosis, heart disease)

Symptom: Dull, dry skin and cracked lips
Could Be: Fat malabsorption, gall bladder or intestinal health issues

Symptom: Intense itchy skin
Could Be: Hodgkin’s lymphoma, gall bladder or liver health issues, allergic reactions

Symptom: Sensitive skin
Could Be: Intestinal health issues or fat malabsorption

Symptom: Psoriasis
Could Be: Food intolerance, intestinal health issues, dysbiosis

Symptom: Eczema
Could Be: Food allergy or dysbiosis

Symptom: Rashes and patches on the skin
Could Be: Allergy or signal a reaction to a medicine

Once we become fluent in the language of the skin, as manifested by its health and appearance, we can use this seemingly inert covering as a portal to our inner biochemistry, helping slow down and eliminate internal breakdown and preventing degenerative issues from developing down the road.

Get to know your skin and take the steps you need to improve your overall health.


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