So Lyhong

Research Assistant

Lyhong is a recent graduate holding a Bachelor's degree in Science majoring in Agro-Industry from the Royal University of Agriculture. He held a diploma in Applicable Agriculture Program for Animal Science from Israel. A two-time Honda Y-E-S Award nominee, Lyhong won the Young Scientist Award from the Japanese Honda Foundation in 2023. That same year, he received an honorary credential from Jiangnan University, China, for the “Belt and Road” University Alliance for Food Science and Education. His research interests focus on sustainable development, encompassing agricultural productivity, land reform, environmental issues, climate change and adaptation, rural livelihoods, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), One Health policy, food safety, and food security. As a lifelong learner, Lyhong is passionate about foresight thinking methodology and a multidisciplinary research approach. He believes that collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts can bring researchers together from diverse fields to tackle cross-cutting issues from multiple perspectives.

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So Lyhong

Research Reports

Migration forces rural people to find more and better jobs, which is key in generating incomes to sustain livelihoods and ensure food security in times of environmental change. In addition to agricultural production, climate change affects health, water, and energy resources and causes migration and conflict. The impacts of climate change on me...

Chilies are one of the most important and widely consumed spices in Cambodia, as well as a source of income for many smallholder farmers. However, chilies production faces several challenges, such as low productivity, high input costs, pest and disease outbreaks, lack of quality seeds and planting materials, poor post-harvest handling and marketing...