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LIBROS: Learning to Improve Book Resource Operational Systems in Cambodia-Technical Study Report


Children in low-and middle-income countries often struggle to master foundational academic skills, such as reading, despite years of schooling. Quality learning materials are essential to addressing this issue. In this Learning to Improve Books Resource Operational Systems (LIBROS) study, we explore ways to enhance the primary-level book supply chain in these regions via a multi-method case study in Cambodia. Facing persistent shortages and poor management of children’s books, Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) launched a digital solution for systemic textbook ordering and distribution called Track and Trace (TnT) in 2017. As TnT continues to expand and improve, it has attracted increasing attention from both the Cambodian government and international donors, concurrently gaining its relevance to countries with similar policy goals. Building on this interest, our research examines TnT’s development and application, guided by the following questions:

  • Question 1: What are the characteristics and perceived impacts of TnT by stakeholders?
  • Question 2: How and under what conditions was TnT developed and implemented?
  • Question 3: What challenges were observed and addressed during the process? What additional supports are required for the success of TnT?

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